Saturday, December 29, 2012

How Yan Lo can you go!

Thanks to Wyrd Miniatures recent weekend sale and pre release offer I just got my grubby mits on the upcoming Yan lo Ten Ten Thunders crew box 'Masters of the Path'. Suffice to say it was torn open and modelling commenced within minutes of arrival.

Strangely, Yan lo's head comes in its own baggy and not on the sprue.

Once again these plastics are detailed and rather delicate, some of the components in this box can barely be handled. Tweezers could be advised for attaching things such as Yan lo's beard and the ribbon for Chiaki's hair. 

The only other hitch I had during construction was the third Ashigaru (spear raised above head). The first two Ashigaru I built have torso/legs as one piece then arms and spear as a second, plus head and back a banner these are a doddle and likely the easiest in the box. Unlike the third, which appears to have ill fitting legs in two halfs, and a nightmare procedure for the two part raised spear. Hopefully as long as you get the spear straight enough the rest is just a ramshackle skeleton so anything goes.

These sets contain no instructions and plenty of parts, just follow the lettered and numbered tabs on the sprue.
(ie, A1-A7 = Yan lo)

I decided not to include the mystical flame effect for  Chiaki's base as I felt it overpowered the elegance of the model, or the scenic armour piece for Yan Lo's base which may be saved for another occasion.

The Ashigaru definately have 32mm stature, tall and forbidding warriors.
 Still a little work to smooth out the mold and joint lines, liquid green stuff to the rescue. The bases I plan to be battlefield debris, befitting the relic and reanimation flavour of the crew. Also in the post currently are Izamu the Armour and a box of Oiran to complete the points and flavour of this crew.

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