Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast

Skarre's bits! This model comes in eight pieces plus the base feature, so I took the time to pin the lot, partly to aid painting the components seperately and to keep the finished model intact. The subtle conversion on the model includes the switch with the larger horns of the Sea Witch model and a replacement for the exhausts on her back (Skulls tend to bore me a little), these are hilts from some Chaos Marine swords.


So, here is the skin tone after a evenings work. It invloves mostly Foundry paints Butterfudge colours, this is prior to more glazing and re-highlighting to come. The detail is done via a magnifier and my series 7 brush. The eyesockets were left dark and the eye painted inside this to leave the eyeliner, the lips are done with subtle glazing. It is the first time I have painted eyebrows on a model, but the face definately benefits I think. :)




Time for the trench cloak. I am steering towards more vibrant colours for my Satyxis models, deep red and purples in keeping with the Gypsy pirate asthetic. I think this deep red will be signature colour.


But, plenty more work to do. Many stages of wash for the metalics, leathering for the leather and all the finer details. Hopefully I can keep things up to date here with progress, there is a Sea Witch and Blood Hag underway also.

More Pics soon!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bloodletters of Khorne, ready to let blood. (ie, get Ebayed)

***Update: On ebay now ***

This Bloodletter unit has been sat in my painting room for a long time now. In fact my first post regarding them was back in August 2010. You can see the construction and conversion work involved in this post.

Now, many washes and glazes later, they are finished.
(Note: I have not been painting them for the entire 8 months)

Paint Scheme

Obviously red. I went for a subtler 'fleshy' red tone for the bulk of the model which was steadily glazed with strong red pigments over a rather orange/pink base color (Sorry to say my WIP pics have been lost for these stages as with everything on my 'previously' hard drive). The duller skin tone allows for contrast with the tones used for the crest and bright red in the markings.


                                                            As a strong contrast for the overall model I went for pure black horns and claws, these have been gloss varnished for a look of other worldly obsidian.

The Hellblades have been through a number or stages; from initial the metallics, rusting with powder, to retouching and washes. I made use of shading at the hilt of the blade to keep the hilt and blade distinctive from each other. For those curious this is with the Foundry Paint set including metallics.

After this the care full work on; teeth, eyes, tongues, and a that bloody standard completed the task. Hope folks like them.

Rank 1

Rank 2

Rank 3
Note: Plastercard strips are used to cover any joins for the modular movement tray.
Note: The additional (Handle) edging on the rear help perfectly with movement.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Work in Progress - Selection of current Projects

With lots on the go and not enough blogs posts I thought I would try and post a work in progress report and thrown up some quick pictures of stuff I have in the pipeline at the mo. Bear in mind these quick snapshots may not shown the full detail or colours of anything shown.

Bloodletters! You can find the conversion/construction/ranking post for these in the archive. After a long time I get round to finishing up the paint job. These should be up on ebay soon with plenty more pics.


Trolls, fantastic models and great fun to paint. This is the primary greens practically finished, thanks to the Foundry paint set for the Bottle Green and Phlegm Green tones.


Straying from the fantasy, this is a weathering trial for my first Khador Warjack. Layers of MIG rust and washes for the effect so far.

Even further from fantasy, this is the customized Prussian Battleship for my Dystopian Wars fleet.

Lastly quite a large terrain table project just got underway today with a mass of Ice/Snow/Tundra scatter pieces. Foam is great fun to carve!! The scale and size of these may be hard to gauge, Mazzy is a small cat if that helps on the bottom pic.

White lion riders - completed - part TWO

Yup, more on the White Lion Riders. The standard has since been painting and bases grassed, so looking better. Will have shots up soon for the completed army!

Magnetized lances and standard come highly recommended, it avoids strain on the model and breakage during transport and can even be reposed to make room for charges on the table.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

White lion riders - complete - part ONE

Lions and Lions and more Lions... OH MY!

These may have all been spotted on the Flickr stream, but I thought I would get round to some commentary and context for this post.

So here we are with the Dragon Prince/Lion Riders/Lion Princes of Chrace, which ever name you want to give them. Converted Dragon Princes for an ongoing High Elf commission I have been working on. The army is heavily Chrace themed and the most distinctive unit that was going to be done was the Lion riding cavalry.

I had several chariot sprues to work with and the lions come in two half’s, which gives you a total of four possible combinations when you mix and match the two half’s. One of these poses however has both front paws in the air, this pose does not really work by default but it inspired the character conversion with the lion leaping. The lions are the easy part, with suitable variation and some careful basing so the lions ranked up the mounts were ready.

The riders are obviously silver helms, just with chariot crew heads. When I first dropped the built legs of the rider on the back of a lion they sat in the ideal position, but there was a rather large gap between the rear of the rider and the lions back. So I decided a saddle/seat back needed to be made, this was done with the pendant flags from the spearmen standard. Not a standard I'm keen on and having plenty available from the High elf battaLION boxes I put them to good use as a decent support behind the rider. This let me keep the riders in a higher position and provided the sumblance of a fully realised saddle at the front and back of the rider.

This is only my gaming standard of painting, the bases are still to be patched with grass, but I hope you like.

The High elves are virtually completed for now and I hope to have more photos up soon, together with more finished projects and all the work I've been putting into my own Beastmen!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Warriors of Chaos - completed pics - Part TWO

The second part of the Warriors of Chaos commission. Includes all the calvary and I got the chance to apply some subtle weathering techniques using some rusting powder (MIG weathering pigments) for the Knights.