Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bloodletters of Khorne, ready to let blood. (ie, get Ebayed)

***Update: On ebay now ***

This Bloodletter unit has been sat in my painting room for a long time now. In fact my first post regarding them was back in August 2010. You can see the construction and conversion work involved in this post.

Now, many washes and glazes later, they are finished.
(Note: I have not been painting them for the entire 8 months)

Paint Scheme

Obviously red. I went for a subtler 'fleshy' red tone for the bulk of the model which was steadily glazed with strong red pigments over a rather orange/pink base color (Sorry to say my WIP pics have been lost for these stages as with everything on my 'previously' hard drive). The duller skin tone allows for contrast with the tones used for the crest and bright red in the markings.


                                                            As a strong contrast for the overall model I went for pure black horns and claws, these have been gloss varnished for a look of other worldly obsidian.

The Hellblades have been through a number or stages; from initial the metallics, rusting with powder, to retouching and washes. I made use of shading at the hilt of the blade to keep the hilt and blade distinctive from each other. For those curious this is with the Foundry Paint set including metallics.

After this the care full work on; teeth, eyes, tongues, and a that bloody standard completed the task. Hope folks like them.

Rank 1

Rank 2

Rank 3
Note: Plastercard strips are used to cover any joins for the modular movement tray.
Note: The additional (Handle) edging on the rear help perfectly with movement.


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