Sunday, November 25, 2012

Misaki's crew complete with Torekage

All done and ready to hit the table! Next up will be some scatter scenery inspired by the varied settins of Malifaux, and in paticular the oriental aesthetic now introduced heavily.
As for the Torekage (Tiger-shadow) I wanted to keep them quite straight forward, so most of suit super ninja suit is dark grey accented again with a bright red and a dark green. I experimented with the non metallic quite a bit on the blades and Kunai which was fun to do. Another mention for the delicate nature of these models and the pieces. I did paint the chains and ribbons still on the sprue to keep them intact and will only be handling the models from the base now that they are fully assembled.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Shang, Misaki's Totem

He's hot, he's foxy, and he's a pretty handy totem companion. SHANG

It may be debatable, as two of his tails seem to merge together a little, but he does infact have nine tails! Easily the largest model in the Ten Thunder box set it could take weeks to appropriately blend each flame. My quick mix of colors here will have to do for now.

For any curious this was done over a white undercoat with the following colors in order from my wargames foundry paint set;

Yellow (Light)
Orange (Light)
Madder Red (Light)
Bright Red (Mid)

This was followed by a quick wash with thinned out Yellow (Light) to blend the tones and brushstrokes.
Retouch the tips with Red and finished.

Well almost, the face details, paws, and bamboo scorch marks were inked in with black/brown mix.

Lastly the eyes were in Teal blue just to echo Misaki's robes.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ototo, Ten Thunder unique minion

Heres the second completed model from the Malifaux Ten Thunders box set 'The Thunder'. These are being finished to what I would consider a decent gaming standard easily within the space of a week.

Has to be said that these are definately the most dynamic and intricate models I have ever experienced, so much so I would give a give a word of warning. Working with some of these models is a very delicate procedure, fine sprue cutters and precision glue are certainly recommended.