Thursday, February 9, 2012

Orcs & No Goblins

Just a quick post with some painting progress over last week. Slow going with the Boar Boyz as I try to finalise the colours and process for the rest of the army. These are 90% complete I think, work is still needed for the skin and the weapons as well as final highlights all over.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Just put together a quick mock up for my Savage Orc unit filler. Naturally the Big Stabba makes so much sense as a unit filler, so with the Savage Orc Boar Boyz legs this was dead easy. I will toy with the angles and height some more, and ofc green stuff the other hand holes on the back of the stick, but I think it works! Perhaps inspired by an axe wielding Denton in Reign of Fire.


Okay, this may not look like much progress but the initial base coat and skin tone always takes me quite a while. For these guys its one and a half applications of the base colour, accurately applied for the skin down to all the conceivable nooks and crannies. One and a half because I tend to give the model a once over as I finish off a coat and the majority of what I just did in dry. This gives a smoother coat and almost your first highlight. The time spent on your base coat, especially a skin tone, will pave the way ahead. Taking extra care and time at this early stage will always pay out dividends. Everything from here on is plainer sailing!

Before I forget, the base colour used is Foundry's Bright Bottle Green (Shade), this will be followed soon with an almost complete coat of Bright Bottle Green. With the appliance of colour theory, in terms of hot and cold colours, I am using these blue tinged greens for the shadows and will be shifting the tone by using yellow tinged greens for the real highlighting. We shall see how well this works out.

Stay Tuned!