Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trulytrulytruly Outrageous GEMS! (New High Elf Characters)

Don't worry you haven't click on the wrong link or stumbled onto a Jem and the Holograms fansite (the High Elf post is below) this was just my theme song for most of the time I was painting these models. XD

Anyhoo... *cough*

Finally, here's the post on the three recently completed High Elf characters.

I was really looking forward to painting the two female models, Handmaiden of the Everqueen and  Alarielle the Radiant, but and it's a pretty big but... they're GW's Finecast. BIG SIGH! Now, I'm no expert and granted have only recently started painting properly alongside Jay but even I had heard of the horror stories about this material and have to agree that "Finecast" is big pile of crap... and I never want to touch it AGAIN!

I got Jay to do all the prep work on these brittle fragile models, and he did his normal thang but, of course, it took at least double the amount of time than a "normal" model to get them into a workable state.

Once I got started I quickly realised these were going to take a long long time to get done to good standard, as for whatever reason it took a gazmilion layers to get a good base layer on them, and yes they were properly sprayed with a base coat. :P

The other thing that I was very wary of , especially with Alarielle who is standing on her tippy toes with only a couple millimeters of failcast material connecting her to her base, was SNAPPING HER LIKE A TWIG! Thankfully, I was gently and she survived the many hours of handling. :)

The Handmaiden is a lot more sturdier and looks awesome, but I really wish they'd made her in plastic like the Loremaster. Mr Hoeth was a dream to paint, so much so I'm currently working on another one!

As you can see from the photos I even took the plunge and managed to paint a couple of fine decorative lines on their cloaks - once they were complete it was like I had progressed to a new level and unlocked a special Miniature Painter's Achievement.

Yay for steady hands!

...there should also be an achievement for painting gems! Seriously how many do they need?! Mind, at least they're not skulls lol!

The birds will be up in the next post, but we're waiting on some new flight stands for them all since, well, the weird plastic stands that GW provide quite frankly suck and will only hold the weight of the birds once they're glued. Which is a little bit of a problem for storage and not to mention sending this commission through the post. But not to worry the new fancy flight mechanism will solve all these problems! :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

New High Elves - Sisters of Avelorn

With a great new client on board who wanted to add to his existing High Elf army this commission provided us a great opportunity to see and paint all the cool new high elf models recently released.

First up is the Sister of Avelorn - x20 (2 boxes).

High elves have always had a good looking aesthetic with lots of flowing robes, ornate armour and gems out the wazoo and these latest models are of course no exception.

Before seeing the components, I had envisioned a magnetising trick for this expensive duel unit box set: my master-plan was to magnetise the sister and shadow warrior torsos to the same legs, which would have been awesome allowing the buyer to duel purpose the models from the box. Alas my plan was thwarted as unfortunately the models share the same components with regards to the cloak and the attached rear half of their torsos. -.-

A definite word of warning, since these models were not originally intended to rank up initially, they are a tricky puzzle to get them all in line. I suggest attaching them to their bases only when the models are fully constructed to ensure you can position them on their bases in conjuction with and without any interference from the neighbouring models.

Anyway on with the painting. The client wanted the traditional scheme for the Sisters and also went for the standard painting option we offer and so we stuck with the dark greens and browns with a golden colour (Foundry Ochre iirc) for the hair as our base colours.

The Foundry Forest Green shade on the inside of the cloaks, I think, helps frame and contrast the body of the model. I also got Emma to do some of her crazy detail work on their eyeballs, so they don't look so manly. We probably should've also added a bit of lipstick too to help with that lol! (When will GW learn that female figures are more than just hair and shaped boobs? The face is what counts! And unfortunately these have very angular faces, which granted is the look of High Elves, but come off as being too extreme and ultimately male imho.)

All in all, a nice set of models - the quality of the plastic is good and theres a lot of detail you can pick out plus with them being plastic they are relatively easy to put together however problems do arise when it comes to ranking. Lastly they are expensive for what you get. If GW had any sense, they would sell extra leg bits so people can use up all the leftover components to get the most out of this product...

For the movement trays we used the Mag-Flex range from Back2Base. This range gives you everything you need for a magnetised base - the magnets for the bases, the self-adhesive magnetic plastic strip, and the mdf pieces that make up the bulk of the movement tray. They are very easy to put together, a reasonable price and come out looking great.

In our next post Emma will be featuring the character models she did as part of this commission.

Sisters of Avelorn - set 1
Sisters of Avelorn - set 2

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Latest wave of Zombies

We've been painting and blogging a lot about boardgame related miniatures lately, and we will be getting back to normal soon - a High Elf commission will be featuring once it's completed - but for now a quick, picture heavy, update on the latest exclusive Zombicide models from Season 1 that recently arrived.

And OMG Season 2 is just around the corner! O.o

From set #1 Survivors and Zombivors

 Kickstarter optionals:

A client of ours also made a video of the Zombicide models we painted up for him, he also posts gameplay videos too - check his channel out Lycan oftheunderworld:

Back to painting I go! Till next time. :)