Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beastmen Army For Sale - Converted

Beastmen Army for sale. The models have been painted and converted to a high-gaming standard. And include the following:

2 x 10 Ungor
1 x 20 Bestigor
1 x 32 Gor + 1 (4 base) unit filler diorama + extra standard bearer and musician
2 x Fully converted Gor chariot - featuring customized orc chariot body, new orc boars, and converted Gor and Bestigor crew
1 x converted Razorgor - filled out new orc boar with oop GW black dragon horns
1 x Beastlord - converted weapons and horns

Available on eBay or contact me to arrange a private sale via paypal.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dystopian Wars - Russian Coalition: Commission

I've done a couple of the Russian Coalition models before but this time around it was great to get a whole desk full of them, which you can see in the photo to the right.

Here they are in their first prep phase - drying under the lamps after being cleaned with a bit of warm water with a small touch of washing up liquid. This gets rid of any greasy residue from the residue - mind Spartan Games models are pretty clean anyway, but it's not worth the risk to avoid this step.

Getting them dry is a little bit more effort, but I just use a combination of blowing off the water droplets, carefully patting the models with some absorbent kitchen paper and air drying them under daylight lamps.

I've spoken before about the quality of Dystopian Wars and these are no exception: great casts, a whole lot of detail and a lot of model for your money - and I envy anyone getting a huge force like this to the gaming table.

I've recently switched from the over-priced and unreliable GW Citadel Chaos Black to Army Painter Matt Black for undercoating and so far the results have been far superior - a smooth effortless coat with no second pass or touch up required. After this experience I have no intention to using GW sprays ever again. If you're thinking of switching check out this blog post comparing the two: GW Chaos Black vs AP Matt Black.

For this commission, my client wanted me to use the painting palette I had used previously and here's a quick rundown of what I used:

Foundry Paints:
Arctic Grey Palette  __________  __________  __________
Forest Green Palette  __________  __________  __________
Sky Blue Palette  __________  __________  __________

P3 Metallics:
Pig Iron  __________
Cold Steel  __________
Molten Bronze  __________
Gun Corp Brown  __________

Army Painter:
Strong Tone ink (ink wash)    __________

Forgot to mention, all the guns are magnetised too - I really do love magnetising stuff!

Now onto the photos - Enjoy :)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

For Sale: 33x HE Swordmasters of Hoeth

EDIT 03/09: These models are now sold! But I am always taking on commissions so please feel free to contact me if you would like to hire my services.

If anyone is in the market to expand their High Elf army and looking for a load of Swordmasters then I might just have the models for you!

A total of 33 Swordmaster models painted to a high-gaming stand from Island of Blood - 27 rank and file models and 6 command models (2x full command).

Looking for £250, but I am open to offers. They are currently listed on eBay but if anyone is interested I would much prefer to sell them privately via paypal to avoid the extortionate eBay fees! :P

I can be contacted by email: