Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beastmen Army For Sale - Converted

Beastmen Army for sale. The models have been painted and converted to a high-gaming standard. And include the following:

2 x 10 Ungor
1 x 20 Bestigor
1 x 32 Gor + 1 (4 base) unit filler diorama + extra standard bearer and musician
2 x Fully converted Gor chariot - featuring customized orc chariot body, new orc boars, and converted Gor and Bestigor crew
1 x converted Razorgor - filled out new orc boar with oop GW black dragon horns
1 x Beastlord - converted weapons and horns

Available on eBay or contact me to arrange a private sale via paypal.

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