Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trulytrulytruly Outrageous GEMS! (New High Elf Characters)

Don't worry you haven't click on the wrong link or stumbled onto a Jem and the Holograms fansite (the High Elf post is below) this was just my theme song for most of the time I was painting these models. XD

Anyhoo... *cough*

Finally, here's the post on the three recently completed High Elf characters.

I was really looking forward to painting the two female models, Handmaiden of the Everqueen and  Alarielle the Radiant, but and it's a pretty big but... they're GW's Finecast. BIG SIGH! Now, I'm no expert and granted have only recently started painting properly alongside Jay but even I had heard of the horror stories about this material and have to agree that "Finecast" is big pile of crap... and I never want to touch it AGAIN!

I got Jay to do all the prep work on these brittle fragile models, and he did his normal thang but, of course, it took at least double the amount of time than a "normal" model to get them into a workable state.

Once I got started I quickly realised these were going to take a long long time to get done to good standard, as for whatever reason it took a gazmilion layers to get a good base layer on them, and yes they were properly sprayed with a base coat. :P

The other thing that I was very wary of , especially with Alarielle who is standing on her tippy toes with only a couple millimeters of failcast material connecting her to her base, was SNAPPING HER LIKE A TWIG! Thankfully, I was gently and she survived the many hours of handling. :)

The Handmaiden is a lot more sturdier and looks awesome, but I really wish they'd made her in plastic like the Loremaster. Mr Hoeth was a dream to paint, so much so I'm currently working on another one!

As you can see from the photos I even took the plunge and managed to paint a couple of fine decorative lines on their cloaks - once they were complete it was like I had progressed to a new level and unlocked a special Miniature Painter's Achievement.

Yay for steady hands!

...there should also be an achievement for painting gems! Seriously how many do they need?! Mind, at least they're not skulls lol!

The birds will be up in the next post, but we're waiting on some new flight stands for them all since, well, the weird plastic stands that GW provide quite frankly suck and will only hold the weight of the birds once they're glued. Which is a little bit of a problem for storage and not to mention sending this commission through the post. But not to worry the new fancy flight mechanism will solve all these problems! :)

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