Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast

Skarre's bits! This model comes in eight pieces plus the base feature, so I took the time to pin the lot, partly to aid painting the components seperately and to keep the finished model intact. The subtle conversion on the model includes the switch with the larger horns of the Sea Witch model and a replacement for the exhausts on her back (Skulls tend to bore me a little), these are hilts from some Chaos Marine swords.


So, here is the skin tone after a evenings work. It invloves mostly Foundry paints Butterfudge colours, this is prior to more glazing and re-highlighting to come. The detail is done via a magnifier and my series 7 brush. The eyesockets were left dark and the eye painted inside this to leave the eyeliner, the lips are done with subtle glazing. It is the first time I have painted eyebrows on a model, but the face definately benefits I think. :)




Time for the trench cloak. I am steering towards more vibrant colours for my Satyxis models, deep red and purples in keeping with the Gypsy pirate asthetic. I think this deep red will be signature colour.


But, plenty more work to do. Many stages of wash for the metalics, leathering for the leather and all the finer details. Hopefully I can keep things up to date here with progress, there is a Sea Witch and Blood Hag underway also.

More Pics soon!

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