Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bolt Action Half-tracks Built

Well I couldn't resist for long, three built up bar for gunner and stowage details. This is definitely an easy and robust kit for war gaming. Many of the pieces have a solid guide block to glue to. The instructions were not ideal when only giving a vague arrow to the approximate fixing point, but with only a little trial error you can't go wrong.

Tips for construction.
Not certain if this was exclusive to my sprue but the bottom seat piece would not sit securely on the guide blocks. The guides were too far apart, front to back. I pretty much entirely removed the guide blocks in this case and all was peachy.

Care is needed securing the top seat component also as the top outside angles of this will determine the placement of the hull top. Again, a little testing and trimming ensured the hull top would be flush. I would still hold the entire hull top firmly till welded when gluing to ensure it is flush at every point.

If curious, green stuff is painted over the seat pads for a hint of undulation.....mmm undulation.

The smooth sexy bottom of a wargaming model!

Awww, kid brother. (Comparison with 1/72 [20mm], Armourfast). The 28mm may not have any greater details on the window hatches, but at least you don't have to attach them all separately (they are all molded on).

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