Monday, December 10, 2012

Bolt Action Panzergrenadiers unboxing.

Just arrived and brand new from Warlord Games this is the plastic box set filled with 28mm plastic mechanised Germans. It includes 30 infantry and three of the first 28mm plastic vehicle produced by Warlord games Sd.kfz 251/1 ausf C (Aka Hanomag, half-track).

The information for the contents of this box set were limited so I was interested to see and keen to share these goodies.

A nice chunky box filled with sprue, it includes 6 sprue for the 3 Half-tracks, 6 of the regular infantry sprue (5 models on each), 4 weapon sprue, 3 transfer sheets, bases and instructions.

Nice to see the transfers included,unfortunate I ordered additional sheets.

The 4 weapons sprue means only potentially 4 StG44 assault rifle and 8 MP40 between the squads. I will be looking at converted models with the Wargames Factory 38mm Germans (MP40 are bountiful on those sprue).

The weapon and infantry sprue (below) are ofc already known form the infantry box set.

Now for the Hanomag, the two sprue look straight forward and easy to construct with a decent amount of detail. Included are a few but not generous number of additional features for stowage and customisation, these include helmets, jerry cans, spare wheel, and MG34/32 options for front and rear.

If I find time soon I will certainly post a built one. :)

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