Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bolt Action Panzer-grenadier platoon progress

Just a quick photo spam for the progress on this almost completed Bolt Action 28mm project, including the MG team conversions 

Converted MG teams

MG32 arms from Halftrack sprue, loaders arms from Wargames Factory sprue.

Vehicle 215 was knocked out of commission in the previous days engagement (Thats my story anyway, nothing to do with the destruction of a number 5 on the transfer sheet). Note that the red numbering is a separately purchased transfer sheet, not included in the Panzer-grenadier box set.


  1. Hi -
    Nice work - the minis are looking great!
    A request - as I use 1:50 & 1:48 vehicles I'd love to see the size of the 251s. Could you post some pictures of them next to a ruler or the like?

    TIA! - Larry

  2. Will try to remember, meanwhile can certainly throw our some measurements.

    Total length 103mm
    Height 32mm
    Body width 36mm
    Track section 65mm
    Front wheel 16mm

    Hope it helps, its definitely tricky matching stuff up well. The first post has a 1:72 comparison shot also.