Friday, April 12, 2013

Dystopian Wars Prussian Fleet

As I have been systematically completing and painting all models buried in my collection I have inevitably uncovered my Dystopian Wars fleets. Both a Prussian and an Empire of the Blazing Sun boxed set were purchased at the release of the game, however the game never caught the deserved attention. This was due mostly to the poorly formatted and ambiguous rule book I think. While the rules still continue to be ironed out and clarified (iteration 1.1 of the rule book still has numerous errata and omissions) the fantastic model range and additional nations has ceaselessly grown. Spartan games have fleshed out a fantastic alternative steampunk universe with hugely characterful and aesthetically varied factions. The rules hurdle for this relatively complex strategic game can perhaps be alleviated for anyone with the strong and dedicated forum community on the Spartan Games site. So as I am drawn back to this game system I set about finishing the models I currently own.

Starting with my favourite, the Prussian Empire.

I chose a colour scheme that echoed the pseudo WWII atmosphere of the game, in this case, dark gray/green. I kept most of the model very business like metal and brass and added the accent colours of the Prussian flag in a flash down the hull (this is angled in line with the funnels). I am more than happy with how the scheme worked out and hope to add other Prussian ships from the range given the change. As well as a possible commission painting service at this standard.

The bases are plasticard and have been coated with tinted water effect after painting (the white wave crests or my sculpted bow wakes were painted last).

The fleet as a whole, the spare frigate is on point.

The magnetized turrets of the Battleship are converted with Plasticard tubing.
Though a little OTT the larger barrels are suitably imposing.

Reiver Class Cruisers

The air support from the box set are also near completion with a small conversion to the bombers that I should be posting soon.

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