Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dystopian Wars - Painting Update, Prussian Bombers and Empire of the Blazing Sun WIP

Just a quick update on the Dystopian wars progress, the Prussian fleet is now finished and the Empire of the Blazing sun are coming along. I still can't quite decide how to incorporate the blazing sun imagery or accent red, somewhere between just a small free hand flag or blazing sun beams across the entire hull.

Full pictures of the fleets will be done when I have a decent lighting set up, for now some quite peeks of the fleets that should soon be available for purchase

Bases have been magnetized and I have staggered the heights to give the squadron a little more interest.

Nakatsu Class Cruisers. 3 Cruisers looking for 4th, for fun, friendship and maybe war!

Uwatsu Class Frigates.

Sokotsu Class Battleship - Another small conversion with the extended barrels of the fore turret (just for visual balance, because I'm a tart like that).


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