Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dystopian Wars - Completed Naval Battle Group, Prussian

Here we have the first of two Dystopian fleets I have been working on. Hopefully these can find a good home.

Since my last update the Prussian fleet only needed it's tiny flyer completed, I have been painted the 10 tiny flyers with two different wing patterns to help distinguish them on the table. I was tempted to paint a single Red Baron fighter as befitting the Prussian's but have resisted, for the moment.

When black washing the sides of the bases I dabbed the wash randomly on the blue surface previously painted. The intentional water marking this has left behind simulates a birds eye view of a seascape. Simulate is perhaps a stretch but it certainly gives a subtle and appropriate texturing that may not have been paint-able. The wing markings are a red or black line painted down the center of a wider white line. The wider white line is not too difficult to paint with the drag of a #2 paint brush and carefully painting down the center of this with a finer brush gives you the three stripes.

Prussian Black Wing Squadron

Prussian Red Wing Squadron
Here are all the updated pictures of the rest of the Prussians that have been featured previously on the blog. The work done on them includes; decking, windows, brass pipes, subtle blue glow for the Tesla batteries, scorching on the weapons and barrels, freehand markings, and sculpted bow wakes. The free hand stripes may be hard work but are definitely worth it I think. I can only hope I am commissioned to paint other vessels from the Prussian Empire so as to see this colour scheme put to more work.

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