Saturday, August 17, 2013

Loremaster of Hoeth

Just a quick post from me to showcase the latest Loremaster I have painted and to let you know he is now available on eBay - auction style! :)

I went with the traditional blue and grey/white colours, but decided to go with purple gems this time around... you know just to spice it up a little! I also spent a good deal of time on his cape, smooth blending up to highlights and not to mention his nice little decorative gold stitching.

His globe thingy, which I like to refer to as his magic squidy is a mix of blue and purple swirls with an iridescent glaze to give it a more magic feel.

I'm also pretty proud of his face, especially his eyeballs - managed to get a eyeliner effect to go with his icy stare.

Anyhoo I hope you all like him!

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