Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Zombicide commission complete!

Here's the latest Zombicide models I've painted for a client in Singapore! Must say I was pretty flattered when he chose me for the commission, as I'm sure there are plenty of miniature painters a lot close to him than Ireland!

Sadly the photographs don't do these models justice but the overall effect is there. My D60 is out of commission at the mo, in for repair and a much needed clean, so I had to make do with the wife's ipad... and it's a bit awkard trying to take pics with that thing to say the least. Or maybe me and technology just don't mix and I should just stick to painting. :)

In the past I've kept the bases pretty simple; a road tarmac effect with a simple black edge or the added on Dark Age deep bases, but this time around, as per the client's request, I painted the edges of the bases the appropriate designated colours of the Survivors and Zombivors. And I have to admit it looks pretty darn cool. Definitely makes them stand out a little more and will be easier to pick out on the gaming table.

Anyway who's excited for season 2!? I've got a whole horde of them on order and I'm hoping we get the "dispatched" notices this week and with a bit of luck be able to get painting by the beginning of September. I'm looking forward to the new sculpts of the zombies, that's not to say I'm not excited for the characters - but there are sooooo many to chose from - and since you have to paint more zombies that characters it'll be nice to have more variety.

Oh and yes, I am already accepting commissions for season 2 - so if you were thinking of getting your models painted you'd better get in before the rush if you want them painted before Christmas!

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  1. Hi
    Would you be willing to make another identical set? They look amazing and my partner would flip if he got
    these as a birthday gift. Let me know prices etc if you would consider another comission.


    Mr Drennan