Sunday, March 17, 2013

Flames of War Finished.

Flames of War, Open Fire, Infantry and Guns (boxed set plastics).

This is the contents of the Open Fire boxed set all painting up, except for the tanks. Given the scale, these models are insanely detailed and accurate. They have elements shown on every model that are often missed on larger scales, such as the correct ammo pouches and equipment. 

In truth they have been fully painted for a couple of weeks. Finally finished the basing, making them Ebay ready for later today. I was seeking a more subtle and realistic terrain effect than these models being waist high in clumped static grass. In this case they are based with Vallejo 'Flat Earth; paste, followed by patchy flock and a little inked water effect. You could go a whole lot darker, wetter and muddier with this combination but for now this is a sensible start.

...and yes the Paratroopers aren't painted Olive Drab but I cant resist the faded and dusky Khaki look Hollywood has fed us.

Anyhow here we have the US Paratrooper Platoon, and the German Panzer-grenadier company with supporting Pak40 anti tank guns from  Battlefront Miniatures 'Open Fire' boxed set.

Panzer-grenadier company HQ
Panzer-grenadier Platoon 1
Panzer-grenadier Platoon 2
7.5 cm  Panzerabwehrkanones (Pak 40's) 
US Paratrooper HQ
US Paratrooper Platoon

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