Friday, March 22, 2013

BEASTMEN - Gor Unit Filler, Razorgor, & Alternative Doombull

Some more snippets from my Beastmen army. Painting continues and more will be completed over the weekend.

For now, some of the work in progress.

I've had this Rackham model 'Archon of the Faathi' for years now. I reposed the arms and lost the two handed axe to open up the model. The front hoof is also elevated on the base as the model is very hunched over by default.

Early stages of a makeshift Razorgor, simply a new boar bulked out plus some hefty horns.
The horns were from the old GW Black Dragon.

Ironically an old boar was used to fill out the centre of the new boar halves.
On the menu tonight, fresh man flesh!
The human shall be dragged by his stretched out clothing and perhaps roped up. He also needs to be a little more savaged by battle.

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