Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Savage Orc Boss progress & Boar Boyz

With green stuff at hand I keep on tinkering with my Savage Orc Boss conversion. Fur trim is probably the easiest thing I will be sculpting and adding to my models for this army, in this case it’s added to the ankle and wrist bindings. More importantly is the next stage of work for his tattered skirt/loincloth; I've added another layer to this, building onto of the basic frame work I had already sculpted. This step involves: a small ball of green stuff rolled out flat, some tattered shapes cut away from this with a sharp scalpel and then the whole piece being blended onto the first layer on the model. It is easy to curve the overhanging shapes to add further movement to the clothing.

When I pick this model up again I may be adding plenty of adornments; feathers, bones, piercings perhaps.


Also under way are my Boar Boyz, so far with Savage Orc Spears added and a touch of green stuffing on the boars. The standard top has been redone with some random additions for a more jungle savage vibe. Savage Orc shields will also be added, but for now these models, the Rider, Boar, and Shield will be painted seperately for accessability.

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