Monday, May 20, 2013

Dystopian Wars - Russian Colaition Kostroma Class Battle Carrier

Okay it has been a while, there is plenty going on in the studio I will endeavour to share more of it here!

I have a few individual Dystopian Wars models in the pipeline because I wanted to get a look at some of the larger pieces and have some fun with them. I was immediately excited and daunted upon opening the parcel containing the first of these. These 'massive' category vessels are... massive! For a sensible price point you get a serious chunk of finely cast resin. The Russian carrier, which I started with, was in fact a blister pack full of goodies with flyer tokens, Icebergs and cards.

Two massive carriers begging for paint. Big thanks to the Prussian Battleship and Forest Green Light for standing in as comparison.
With the inspiration of the Russians and the White army of the Dystopian Wars Universe my mind wandered to the icy waters of the Arctic. I am always a huge sucker for themes, whether through; colour schemes, conversions, or basing. Together with the idea I wanted to try for a sturdier magnetized base my course ahead was set.

I traced the outline of the vessel and created a two layered plasti-card base. Aside from a sturdy structural integrity this provided the depth for 2mm magnets to be slotted into the top layer, it also gave some possible depth to the waves to be sculpted around the hull. The ice bergs are roughly cut plasti-card mostly stacked up in two layers. I was careful to attach these with the inclusion of some green stuff to give them some movement in the waves.

Green stuff was built up in stages, simply adding height to previous spots or filling in and blending gaps. As I built these stages up I was mindful of the following; the waves rolling off the side of the hull, the large bow wave, and the choppy engine wake at the stern,

The base was finishing lastly with a thin self adhesive cork bottom, which is rather luxurious for gaming.

The primary colour is the Arctic Grey palette from foundry, I envisaged an off white hull with some grubbier colouration and weathering with dark decking and even darker industrial structures. I was initially going to paint the obvious Coalition bear logo on the carrier deck, but after goggling some Russian inspiration I settled  on the bear and eagle of Russian Standard Vodka (Itallics require a thick Russian accent), this seemed fitting for a coalition aircraft carrier and is a classy logo. Perhaps not a piece for the purists out there. The flyers I kept purposely clean and simple, because their form can easily be lost on the table. Enjoy!

PS: The next piece is to be a Britannia Eagle Class War Rotor. I am dying to apply the colour scheme I have in mind but I am awaiting delivery of some vital and awesome "Omni-Stand" flying bases from Corsec Engineering.

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