Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Malifaux Commission, Lady J & the Marshals.

Just finished is this quick commission, a fun crew of the roughest, toughest, sons of guns the guild could pull together. Ready to lay down some law and order on the streets of Malifaux.

The intended colour scheme was a definite wild west gunslinger, dusty leather, tumbleweed, spilt whisky, horseflies,sheriffsbadgehighnoon, sorta thing...y'all paint that now ya hear!

I quickly decided on an orange/brown cowhide tanned leather for the jackets/coats, contrasted with darker pants/hats and lighter straps/belts/boots. This suddenly became a rather regimented uniform for the whole crew. This may be too standardized for some tastes but I love how it looks on each model and the feel of the crew as a whole.

On with the pics!

Shabby beginnings, Devlan Mud hard at work!
The Judge, Lady Justice, Hans
Lady J's Hair definitely makes a strong focal point.
Death Marshals
Meath Darshals
Miss Terious, Exorcist, Sue (Just spotted the white on the inside detail of grave stone to be fixed >.<)
Wargames Foundrys' 'Buff Leather Light' was the winner for the base highlight and the cloak dusting.
Best not be any necromancy goin on round these parts!

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