Thursday, September 2, 2010

Warmachine Commission, painting continues.

Blue has now been completed for this army so I though I would catch up with the painting guide and more pics.

Firstly I should recap on the production of the metals, as normal using all Foundry paints.

1) Heavy base coat of  Burnished Copper Shade
2) Heavy Drybrush of  Burnished Copper Shade + Chainmail 50/50
3) Lighter Drybrush of Chainmail
4) Liberal Wash of Black Wash + Copper Wash 70/30
Drying time
5) Lighter Wash of Black Wash

On with the BLUE, the base colour for this is Deep Blue Light                  

So above you get a closer look at the metals and the panels and sections picked out on the Warjacks and Gorten.

Left you have the completed base coat.

Next, for the first highlight using
Sky Blue Shade                 this was a very deliberate and bold highlight picking out most of the larger areas and all the edges.

And the final highlight using Sky Blue                   seen below on Gorten picking out the edges once again.

This was finished off with a quick wash of GW Asurmen Blue to smooth things out and to add shadow definition.

Sorry for some of the darker images, taken throughout the day. 

Next step, pick out all the other components, the leathers, the skin, markings and details. Then lastly a little weathering of the blue armor and some shiny highlights for the metals.

Watch this space.

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